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Our Story

This is us, a married couple from Finland in our thirties, pursuing our wanderlust dream and capturing it on camera. We are sharing our visual travel stories and tips on Instagram and here on our blog and by doing that we try to encourage you to take the same leap of faith - chase your dreams!

Because you totally can, and it's totally worth it!


Our journey began in 2012 on a blind date in a shopping mall cafe. So romantic don't you think?

Well, that date lead to another and before we even knew it, we were madly in love. So we moved in together, renovated couple of apartments, got married, worked on our day jobs and took the occational vacation every now and then. 

In 2017 an idea of a longer adventure began to bubble underneath the plain surface and we started considering different options of making that dream reality. Finally we made up our mind, ended up selling our apartment and started saving up to finance our great escape. Our journey is about to begin in April 2019 as we jump on a train and leave Finland with one way tickets! Yay!

What we want to provide YOU are slammin' travel tips and impressive visual stories from our journey. And we just want to say that we are so happy that you are here with us!


Marika & Henkka